Monday, December 21, 2009

Vancouver Courier Christmas Party 2009

I'll keep this brief, since this isn't really something most people will care about, but I just want to get this out. This evening was the Christmas party for Vancouver's bicycle messengers; the event included a potluck feast, a Pinata, and Messenger of the Year awards. All in all, a pretty solid party.

Think about this, though: How many Christmas parties can you think of that are held by/for an entire industry, rather than simply for employees of a single company? There are well over a dozen courier companies that employ bikers in Vancouver, and probably over a hundred people working as bicycle messengers. Come Christmas-time, all these people from all these different companies get together and have one big party, instead of the usual boring, hokey "office" party.

I guess I just think it's really damn cool. Solidarity, brothers.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bridge Battle 3: The Aftermath

Well, I just got home from Bridge Battle 3 - or more accurately, from the party that ensued at the end of Bridge Battle 3 - and am now ensconced in my couch, unlikely to emerge again for the next several hours. I had a blast, and look forward to participating again next year.

In previous years, the weather for this race has been nothing but dismal, but this year mother nature decided to cooperate a bit more. It was a reasonable temperature, with virtually no precipitation of any sort. As far as I know, everyone who started made it to the end, and there were no significant crashes. Bravo, racers, you survived!

The Results:

First place overall went to Cody and his hilarious pink wheels. He won some cash and first pick from the swag pile. Second place was out-of-town wildcard Mander, and rounding out the podium was Tim Wyatt in third.

First girl was Sarah, and James gets honorable mention for managing to rescue someone's stolen bike from the DTES, escort it to safety, and still finish the race in a position other than DFL.

A big thank you to all the checkpoint volunteers, especially Lyle for making those awesome checkpoint signs for the elusive Second Narrows checkpoint. And of course, a huuuge thank you to Haley, for putting this whole affair together, for the third year in a row. Hoorah!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

3rd Annual Bridge Battle! Yeeeeeah!

It's back, and it's as ball-busting as ever! All five bridges leaving the downtown core, all in one race! If it stays true to tradition, the weather will be horrendous! Wooooo!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gastown Sprints: New Month, New Location!

Treachery is afoot. The current Gastown Sprints location has been lost! This is because Pub 340 is undergoing some sort of renovation, and thus cannot host it. Fortunately, for the December edition of your favourite roller races, a new location has been obtained! Wednesday December 16th, Gastown Sprints will be back, but this time they're at the Astoria.

Show up! Bring your friends! Spin until your legs fall off!